What is the main difference between an eco-lodge and a regular hotel?



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    Eco-lodges seem to put a focus on conservation, vacation and adventure. They are not a place you would stay on a business trip, but rather try to connect guests with local culture and activities, and operate in an environmentally conscious manner.  Here is the national geographic list of the top 50 in the world http://adventure.nationalgeographic.com/2008/11/ecotourism/world-map-interactive

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    Eco lodges also make a point of using local businesses and labor which stimulates the local environment where the lodge is located. They also preserve native vegetation in their gardens and surrounding areas. Eco lodges are basically more culturally centered and are a good way to learn the way of life of a certain community. 

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    An Ecolodge is often located in a rural area and is surrounded by the natural environment. Thye may have guides trained in the natural history of the area and promote green living. However, it is some times the case that a the title ecolodge is used to attract customers. In some areas, the environment is very fragile and having a lot of visitors actually is worse for the environment. If an ecologde is truly that, they should use some of their funds to help conserve the environment, educate all of their visitors on what is special about their area, and make all efforts to be green.

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