What is the main con of having gasoline powered vehicles?



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    The main con would have to be fuel prices, filling up a gasoline powered vehicle is expensive. Secondarily would be the environmental implications of burning fossil fuels. However, these costs are shared by everyone in society, while the main con (fuel cost) is bourn soley by the person paying for the gas

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    All the damage they do to the earth!  Between what it takes to mine for oil and global warming caused by the emissions in exhaust, the environmental cost of gasoline powered vehicles is much more of a negative than, say, the cost to our health that all this sitting does, or deaths from accidents.  Accidental deaths may end lives in this generation, but global warming could end the planet as we know it!

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    There are two cons really, one political/economic, the other environmental.  The political/economic con is that there is only a limited supply of oil in the world (only about 40 years left) and that limited supply is almost universally controlled by a small enclave of countries (many of which are not on the best terms with the US).  Environmentally, the combustion of fuel causes the emission of greenhouse gasses as a byrpoduct, and greenhouse gasses cause global warming.  If you ask me, I’d say that the politcal/economic problem is more severe than the environmental one for the time being, firstly because catalytic converters tend to remove alot of the pollutants from exhaust, and secondly because electric cars (contrary to popular belief) likewise generate pollutants–the difference being that the pollutants from electric cars are point-source pollutants from power plants rather than scatter-point pollutants from individual vehicles.

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