What is the main company that recycled electronic waste?



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    There are many electronic waste recyclers. Check out this search site, type in your location, and find an e-waste recycler in your area.


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    About every second company in the UK recycle electronic wastes. Now the question arise that which electronic wastes can be recycled and which cannot be? This question is still answerable I reckon because many parts of the electronics have the behaviour that they cannot be recycled but how to differentiate them all. For example if you are talking about printers printer has many things to be recycled after it becomes useless but one thing that people would not be aware of is the printer toners and cartridges. GreenTech is involved in the business of this very rare and profitable recycling project from years in the UK. I have also used the services of GreenTech which results in making my office more Green than ever before.

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