What is the main change you have to make when building an eco friendly home?



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    A lot of comes down to the material you use to build, and the energy source of the house.  Solar panels in the end will conserve tons of energy, as well as building with recyclable materials that don’t leach toxins. 

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    Getting used to the idea of spending more now to save more later. At this point though, building green costs about $4 more per square foot, according to a Urban Green Council study. By that math, it would cost only $8,000 more to build an eco-friendly 2,000 square foot home.


    However, it can cost more or less, when constructing a more sustainable home, you have to consider that you will spend more on insulation, water-saving appliances, energy-efficient windows and HVAC systems and whether you want to spend more to make it energy-independent by using solar, micro-hydro generation or other technologies. All of these add-up in terms of initial costs but also save a lot of money over time. 

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