What is the main cause of water pollution?



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    Industrial agriculture is the leading cause of water pollution. Most of the pollution from industrial agriculture results from animal waste. Gallons of animal waste, including feces and urine, is usually stored in large tanks called “lagoons,” which can overflow and leak. Animal waste is very destructive to the environment because raw manure is 160 times more toxic than raw municipal sewage. Furthermore, there is usually too much manure to be applied to the fields and the remaining waste usually runs off into streams. 

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    Unfortunately the main cause of water pollution is the disrespect and disregard that most (or many) humans have for the earth that they occupy.  Of all the causes that destroy the world’s water sources, they are all avoidable and simply require humans to be more careful and respectful of their environment. 

    The main causes for pollution are: sewage, marine dumping, industrial waste, radioactive waste, oil pollution, underground leakage, atmospheric deposition (water pollution from the by-products of air pollution), global warming (waters that are too warm can kill plants and animals), and eutrophication (when the environment has more nutrients than it needs). 

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