What is the main cause of gang green?



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    Gangrene is a very serious disease in which body tissue starts to die, and it has two main causes. The first is the blood supply being cut off from an area of the body. The other is a bacterial infection of some kind of wound.  The likelihood of gangrene is reduced greatly if wounds are properly disinfected. 

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    Adding to the answer above, gangrene usually occurs in the extremities: toes, fingers, arms and legs, the extremities face the possibility of becoming infected by gangrene. There are also five types of gangrene: Dry, Wet, Gas, Internal and Fournier’s gangrene.

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    The main cause of Gangrene is lack of oxygen to cellular tissues.  Cell need oxygen to function and without sufficient oxygen the cell dies. When a large area of cellular tissue dies off from lack of oxygen then the term Gangrene is used. The onset of gangrene can be through a bacterial infection or through physical injury. The use of a tourniquet could cause gangrene as could the improper cleaning and treatment of wounds. Toes and fingers can become gangrenous because of the fact that blood flow to the entire appendage is easily stopped.

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