What made the roman empire so strong?



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    The Roman Empire was so strong because it was so dynamic and intellectual.  The empire not only have great military power, but also had a great influence involving language, architecture, politics, philosophy, religion and law.  The Roman Army, of course, helped spread much of this influence around the world.  The Roman Army was an incredibly disciplined fighting force, conquering almost any civilization it encountered.  However, their great army was also their downfall as many historians cite.

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    The Roman military was responsible for the empire’s conquest of new territories. By using a formation called the Triple Acies, putting the strongest soldiers on the front line of battle, followed by lesser soldiers to fill in the gaps, the Roman army won many military victories. They were also known for using a horn as a signal during battle. The excellent organization of the military was perhaps the foremost reason for the empire’s strength,  making Rome stronger than ancient Greece, both empires having many intellectual thinkers.

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