What made John Muir such a great environmentalist?



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    Looking back on the accomplishments of John Muir, his influence can be seen in many national parks, conservation programs, and the Sierra Club. His writings and political interests helped in President Roosevelt’s administration creating the legislation to protect natural areas, preserving some of the country’s greatest treasures. What made the man such a great environmentalist, though, was probably his sense of adventure and love for the outdoors. He enjoyed exploring the wild and showed great dedication to preserving its character for others to enjoy as well.

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    His passion. John Muir wasn’t trying to become an environmentalist, he simply loved nature and wanted to experience it and protect it all any cost so that future generations could also discover themselves through the beauty of wild land. John Muir was also very intelligent and his observations led to discoveries about topography that challenged the most educated scientists of his time. I think John Muir is a symbol that we always have something to learn and to love about nature and that environmentalism is a way of life and not a style.

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