What is lysosome?



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    Lysosomes are organelles found mostly in animal cells where they act as the “disposal system”. They are membrane-bound vesicles that contain enzymes that allow them to engul and break down essentially anything. When a cell has any organelles that provide no more functions, lysosomes are sent to break down that organelle. In white blood cells, lysosomes are used to kill and digest bacteria.

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    A lysosome is the organelle within the cell that has the enzymes within it that for digestions.  A cell is made up of many organelles that serve different functions just as our body is made up of many parts with different function.  There are typically many lysosomes within a cell.  In diagrams of a cell they are portrayed as little dots.


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    In layman’s terms, lysosomes are the digestive system of a cell, as the caption on the left of the picture says.


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