What is the lowest the number of wolfs in the wild has ever gotten?



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    In Eurasia, most wolf populations reached their lowest point between the 1930s and the 1960s. In the more-developed regions of Eurasia, wolves disappeared except in the central Appenine Mountains of Italy, the Cantabrian mountains of northern Spain, the Carpathians of Eastern Europe, the northern parts of the former Soviet Union, and the central plains and mountainous regions of Asia. Some populations also remained in the deserts of the Middle East. In North America, wolf numbers were lowest in the late 1950s. Populations survived primarily in Canada and Alaska. In the 48 contiguous United States only the wilderness of northern Minnesota and nearby Isle Royale National Park in Lake Superior held wolves.


    To get more specific than that is difficult; there are too many types of wolves and locations in the world.  What type of wolf are you asking about?  What region of the world?

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