What is the loss of wildlife during a flood?



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    Quantitatively, it is difficult to provide figures as to what happens to wildlife during a flood, but there are a great many effects on an ecosystem during a flood (e.g. pictures of dead fish from the recent Samoan tsunami). It is important to note, however, that floods are a natural part of the environment, and can contribute positively to an ecosystem (e.g. by rehabilitating soils).

    Floods can harm ground dwelling and nesting creatures, but they can also help fish, according to the Missouri Department of Conservation. Deer too don’t fare too well, as floods have been known to drown fawns and push adults to areas where they can be hit by cars or fight with resident populations. Fish actually benefit, as floods can bring in new nutrients and food for certain species, resulting in boons to their populations. The article below further details some of the flood effects on wildlife.

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