What is the longest tunnel?



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    The world’s longest continuous tunnel in use is in New York City. The Delaware Aqueduct is 85 miles long and 13.5 feet wide. It carries approximately half of NYC’s 1.3 billion gallon-per-day water demand. The tunnel is leaking approximately 35 million gallons per day, but fixing the tunnel will be difficult because there is no redundant water source for the city.

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    The longest tunnel in the world runs through a section of the Alps. It is being built by the Swiss for means of trade between Zurich and Milan and was ordered by the people through referendum (rail is better for the environment because it emits much less carbon when compared to trucks). When completed, the tunnel will house a state of the art high speed rail system and be 35 miles long. It will be completed in 2018.

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    Randomly, I just read that the world’s longest bicycle tunnel was recently opened in San Sebastian, Spain in an old railway tunnel. Pretty awesome example for the bicycle commuting movement!

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