What is the longest most grueling environmental race?



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    There are several candidates to this question, some longer, some seemingly more grueling.  Here are the hardest four (in no particular order), in my opinion:

    1. The Iditarod.

    1151 miles in around two weeks in sub-zero temperatures, long nights, and with wind chills reaching negative 100 degrees fahrenheit.  It commemorates the famous 1925 serum delivery, and is called “the last great race.”

    2.  The Marathon de Sables.

    152 miles on foot through the Sahara Desert.  Not much more needs to be said.

    3.  The Crocodile Trophy.

    Thought to be the hardest cycling race on the planet, racers cover 800 miles through the Australian Outback, high heat and winds, and croc jaws.

    4.  The Badwater Marathon.

    125 miles on pavement through Death Valley, California at the hottest time of year.  It gets so hot, that racers often have to run on the painted lines on the road to keep the soles of their shoes from melting to the pavement.

    Check the citation for a few others.

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