What is the longest lava river?



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    The longest lava river, or lava flow, is in Ethiopia from the Erta Ale. “with reports of the country’s biggest eruption to date – and the largest recorded lava flow in scientific history. Satellite images show that this latest volcanic explosion spewed out lava across a huge area of 300 sq km, a record of its kind according to researchers. Scientists are busy studying these ruptures in the Earth’s crust at Afar, which sits along the 3000 km-long East African Rift marked by mountain ranges dropping precipitously into deep-lying basins. The magma forcing its way up from thousands of kilometres beneath the surface here is gradually splitting the African continent in two.”

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    The 1783 eruption of Laki, in Iceland, created lava flows exceeding 500 sq km, which would seem to be significantly larger than the one in Ethiopia. Laki is generally considered to be the largest historic lava flow. Neither the Ethiopian flow nor Laki really answers the question regarding a lava river length, but for historical lava rivers I’d bet on something in Iceland.

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