What is the longest lasting renewable energy?



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    A similar question was asked on GreenAnswers that you can read here: http://greenanswers.com/q/131705/energy-fuels/alternative-energy-fuels/what-longest-lasting-renewable-energy-technology.

    Chemists and engineers at the TUM in Munich have also developed accumulators from Lithiumtitanat and Lithium-iron-phosphate with the aim of being “extremely long-lasting and cost efficient”. In tests, the LTO LFP battery cells have been proven to have life spans of 20,000 cycles. The typical Lithium battery has only a life span of 1,000-3,000 cycles.

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    In terms of what renewable energy source will be here the longest- solar. All other forms depend on the Earth which will probably not last as long as the sun.

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    Like phillius said, the longest lasting renewable energy source is the sun. We get our solar power from the sun. There can be active or passive solar structures, solar panels, photovoltaic (PV) cells, etc., to harness energy from solar power. Scientists believe that the sun will last and burn for another five billion years, almost half of its lifetime.

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