What is the longest Great White we have ever seen?



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    There is some debate about the largest Great White on record. Many experts believe that some of the  records were not properly measured. According to the Canadian Shark Research Center the largest shark ever caught was in 1988 and measured 6.1 meters.

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    To elaborate on the previous answer, the largest known (not caught) Great White Shark was 6.3 meters, or about 20.5 feet. Prior to the confirmation of the current record, it was commonly assumed that the largest known specimen was 11 meters long. This is more than 36 feet. However, this was based on little evidence, and when the jaws were examined, the claim was proven false.

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    The closely related Charcharodon megalodon reached an amazing 80 ft.  It is believed to be extinct, but there have been unverified reports from sailors of enormous great white sittings.  

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