What is Lomox?



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    I think the Lomox you are refering to is a new invention of wallpaper that glows. It lights up a room evenly, with sunlight-like coloring, and consuming a fraction of the energy of an overhead lamp. Thanks to an enormous grant, government-backed Carbon Trust has handed over $720,000 in grant money to Lomox, a company working to develop the wallpaper, which is inspired by the thin OLED televisions just now beginning to hit the market. And, Financial Times reports that the technology could be out as quickly as 2012.

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    Lomox Ltd. is a organic light emitting diode (OLED) research and development company based in the United Kingdom. They made it into the news recently, however, because of their development of “light emitting wallpaper”, and the effects that could have on reducing energy use. They have been leading the way on creating an ultra-efficient OLED technology, that can be coated onto a film and used as a wallpaper. The coating can be powered by solar panels or batteries, and the efficiency makes it a much better alternative to even energy saving light bulbs. Available in 2012, Lomax is estimating that globally this technology can save over 2,500,000 tons of CO2 by 2020.

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