What lizards are related t the komodo dragon?



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    Komodo Dragons are the largest lizards in the world and belong to the “reptilia class”. Other animals that are in this class are turtles, snakes, all other lizards, alligators, and other large reptiles. All of these animals have lungs to breathe in and out, have skin that does not need to be kept wet, and can produce amniote eggs that have a harder to shell to protect the embryo.  

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    Komodo Dragons are a type of Monitor lizard. Monitor Lizards are native to Africa, Asia, Australia, and Indonesia and live in deserts, forests, and savannas. There are over 70 species of this kind of lizard, including the Mangrove Monitor, Nile Monitor, and Tree Monitor. Their size ranges from less than one foot to over 6 feet. The Komodo Dragon is the largest Monitor lizard and can grow to more than 9 feet! Monitors have a vast diet including insects, birds, rodents, fish, frogs, reptiles, and eggs. They are common as pets.

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