What lizard has the longest tail?



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    According to Jason Abels, Assistant Director of the http://www.tigerhomes.org animal sanctuary, the Crododile Monitor lizards are known to have the longest tails. They also have the longest teeth, and the longest claws.

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    As the above poster mentioned, the Crocodile Monitor Lizard, or the Varanus Salvadorii, is considered by many to be the World’s “longest lizard.” Members of the Varanus genus are generally characterized by elongated necks, forked-tongues, and long, non-autonomous tails. This genus also includes the Komodo Dragon, which boasts the World’s “largest lizards.”  

    Crocodile Monitor Lizard

    Crocodile Monitor Lizards

    Komodo Dragon

    Komodo Dragons

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    In terms of longest tail per body length, the glass lizard undoubtedly has the longest tail because it has no legs! There are small differences between glass lizards and snake, glass lizards having eyelids being one of them.[img_assist|nid=193410|title=glass lizard|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=640|height=493]

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