What is livestock’s role in climate change?



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    Mass groups of livestock creates a great deal of methane gas, which increases the greenhouse effect, as well as creating a larger need for land that has been the cause of rainforest clearing in the Brazilian rainforests.

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    Livestock (such as cows and sheep) contributes to climate change by producing methane and other emissions, which are green house gasses.  Cattle alone may contribue as much as 2% of global methane emissions.  The processes involved in raising and maintaining livestock are also large contributers to climate change, due to the carbon emitted from transport, feed production, as well as the waste generated from feedlots that may enter water ways.

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    Scientists have actually found that emissions from livestock are actually a lot worse than originally thought. Scientists found that livestock account for about 32.6 billion tons of carbon dioxide, which is more than half of total emissions.

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