What is the lightest gas in our atmosphere?



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    Hydrogen is the lightest gas in our atmosphere, so much so that it can not be held by the earths gravity.  Hydrogen is also part of the clean fuel initiative, due to the belief that in combination with other elements could possibly end our dependence on the gasoline we use to fuel up our cars today.

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    Hydrogen and helium are the lightest gases in the chemical table, but they are barely present in Earth’s atmosphere due to this very fact.  Their extreme lightness, and small size, lead them to be able to escape the Earth’s gravitational pull.  Their size and weight means that they move at a greater speed than can be contained by the Earth’s gravity, leading them to escape Earth’s escape velocity.

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    Hydrogen is the lightest gas molecule in the Earth’s atmosphere. On the periodic table of elements, hydrogen is element number 1. This is because hydrogen has one proton and one neutron in the nucleus of an atom. In addition, a hydrogen atom typically has one electron revolving around the nucleus.

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    Most common forms of hydrogen are a proton and an electron, WITHOUT a neutron.

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