What is the life span of macaw parrots?



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    Macaws will live 50 years or more with proper nutrition and environment. There are 6 species of Macaw. The Spix’s Macaw is believed to be extinct, the Indigo Macaw is at critical risk and the Blue Throated, Red Fronted and Hyacinth Macaws are all endangered. Macaws only lay between 1 and 4 eggs, so even though they live a long time, they do not reproduce at high rates.

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    Macaws live up to 50 years or more if they are excessively cared for and have maintained it’s health. Most mini macaws live a smaller age range about 30-50 years. Macaws can also grow up to 20 to 42 inches. Mini macaws are much smaller and grow to about 10-20 inches in length. They are very much playful animals and are fun to keep around. They are often loud and they can mimic speech too! 

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