What is the Life Edited competition?



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    The Life Edited Competion was an apartment design challenge put forward by Treehugger founder Graham Hill in 2010.  The challenge was to redesign Mr. Hill’s 420 sq. ft. apartment to accommodate all aspects of a regular person’s life, including such requirements as a dining area for up to twelve, a lounge area for up to eight, private space for up to two overnight guests, and a workspace.  The motivation behind it seems to be to prove that human beings don’t need all that space we usually take up, and that we can actually live much more efficiently.  Along with generally cutting back on extraneous space and all the objects that fill it, the challenge also called for the inclusion of fully digitized books, photos and music (to cut down on all the space such items take up, as well as access to Netflix and Zipcar (to emphasize the value of access to resources, rather than ownership of objects).  The deadline for submissions was in January of 2011.

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