What is the life cycle of a frog?



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    The entire life cycle of a frog spans about 12-16 weeks.

    Life Cycle Of A Frog:

    1)      Spawn – fertilization of the eggs while they are being laid

    2)      Egg – the central yolk of each of the eggs (the one that survive, some manage to die) keeps dividing itself (first in half, than in fourths, than eighths and so forth) until there are what seems to be endless embryo in the egg. The embryo grows until they reach their full growth and become tadpoles. This could take 6-21days.

    3)      Tadpole – The tadpoles hatch and are made of poorly developed gills, a mouth, and a tail. They feed on weeds, grasses, and algae (after 7-10 days). After 4 weeks, they start forming teeth and skin.

    4)      Tadpole with legs – The tadpole develops legs and will start resembling a frog (just with a long tail).

    5)      Young Frog or Froglet – the tadpole becomes a miniature version of an adult frog, with a little tail stub.

    6)      Frog – the process is complete. The froglet is now an adult frog and can live outside the water and mate.

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    A picture may help:

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