what licences do I need to start my own bussiness



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    This question is quite vague, but I will try to answer it to the best of my abilities by asking a lot more questions so such matters can be thought about:

    What type of business would you want to start? (INC, LLC all need separate business licenses)

    What products and/or services would be offered?  (Food industry, construction/contracting industries, and several others all have to meet certain health and fair treatment standards, and the owner and/or employees might need licenses)

    In what country and state/province would this business be founded?  (countries have their own federal guidelines, and states/provinces have sub-guidelines for their own business licenses)

    Most of making a business relies on a good, future-minded business plan, and making sure that every country and state tax is accounted for, when the time comes.  Check out some websites!  Yay website!

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