What is the Leopold Center?



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    There are a couple. There’s the research and education center run out of Iowa State University Extension with statewide programs to develop sustainable agricultural practices that are both profitable and conserve natural resources. Then there’s the Aldo Leopold Center in Wisconsin, which works to understand how we can use energy more efficiently and develop positive relationships to other people and the planet. Through energy efficiency, renewable energy, and an ongoing commitment to land stewardship, the Leopold Center became the first carbon neutral building certified by LEED—meaning annual operations account for no net gain in carbon dioxide emissions.

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    Their mission statement goes something like, “The Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture explores and cultivates alternatives that secure healthier people and landscapes in Iowa and across the country.”

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    The Leopold Center champions energy efficient ways to develop relationships between people and the planet. The actual center was the very first building to be LEED certified. A LEED certification indicates that a building follows the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design model by not adding to the carbon dioxide emissions.

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