What is LED technology?



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    LED stands for “light emitting diode.” Basically, what happens is that an electric current will go through the diode, exciting the elecrons and causing them to move up to a higher state. When they fall back down to their original state, energy is released in the form of photons. Photons are individual particles of light. This principle is called “electroluminescence.” LEDs can be very bright but still run without producing much heat.

    Regular lightbulbs (not flourscent lights) run from a principle called “incandescence.” Basically, what’s happening is that you heat up a small wire called a “filament” until it’s hot enough to glow. This wastes a lot of energy, and requires a lot more electricity to get bright lights.

    LEDs are actually greener in function because they require less electricity to function and work for very long periods of time. An LED will still be shining long after incandescent lights burn out.

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