What is the least populated state in America?



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    According to this page, Wyoming had the lowest reported population size in 2009. However, the size of the state should also be taken into consideration alongside population as larger states like California and Texas also have larger populations. In terms of density, Alaska had the lowest population per square mile in 2000, with an average of 1.1 person per square mile. Wyoming’s average population per square mile was 5.5 that same year, making it the second least dense state.

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      Alaska’s size could contribute to that fact, being that is the largest state. It would take a vast amount of people to raise the density. There are parts of alaska that are inhabitable, but still considered in it’s size.

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    Vermont has the lowest population in general, with a population of only 621,760 as of 2009. This isn’t taking state size into consideration. 

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    Vermont does not have the lowest population; as ghuang278 says, it is Wyoming.

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