What is the least-industrialized nation in the world?



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    I don’t think it is possible to answer this question. Many countries around the world have not been industrialized, but this is for many reasons. You could look at a lot of countries in Africa and say they are not industrialized, but it is impossible to quantify that one country is less industrialized then another. This also does not indicate that a country is any less valuable because of the fact that it is not industrialized. Many countries reject capitalism and industrialization because it simply is not what they want for their country, it doesn’t fit their culture.

    Sorry if this isn’t the answer you are looking for.

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    Actually, you can measure industrialization, it’s just that there are several nations (mostly in Africa) that are pretty much at the absolute bottom level. Beyond a certain point, you cannot say one country is less industrialized, but that doesn’t mean you can’t say that North Korea is less industrialized than India.

    As evenier has pointed out, however, there isn’t a single nation or factoid to answer this question with.

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