What is the least harmful cigarette on the market?



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    As far as I can tell, there isn’t one. Some cigarette manufacturers offer cigarettes packed with ‘organically grown’ tobacco (free of pesticides), but they cannot get away from the massive environmental costs of growing tobacco. Tobacco farming occurs mostly in developing countries, involves the clearing of forest land for farm land, and requires a massive amount of trees to fuel the fire to dry tobacco leaves (an estimated 1 of every 8 trees that are cut down worldwide). And rolling your own cigarettes still uses the same tobacco from such destructive practices, so unless you grow and roll your own, there’s no getting around the environmental costs.

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    Technically, all cigarettes are harmful and therefore should not be smoked.

    However to answer your question. Many major tobacco companies have allocated millions of dollars in funding to research and development for a “safer cigarette,” one which will lower the rate of heart and lung diseases from usage. One example is the British American Tobacco company. It has made claims to the creation of a “safe cigarette,” which was reported to reduce the risk of heart and lung diseases by 90%. They say it is made possible by the development of a triple layer of filters, one for different toxic compounds. However many health experts still say that this type of cigarette is still dangerous to people’s health, especially the fact that second-hand smoking issue remains unsolved by these cigarettes.

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