What is the least green about churches?



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    While the answer to this question will vary from church to church, one of the most consistent problems associated with churches is the transportation people utilize to visit them. Many people who attend weekly services make the trip in an automobile and return home directly after. Few people are able to walk or utilize public transportation due to the fact churches are often located away from dense urban centers. The emissions released and fuel burned on these short trips can be seen as harmful to the environment.

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    I agree with transportation, and I have one other thought. Other than the tenants of the faith itself, I would say brochures given out by some churches are not very good for the environment. There is an excellent Unitarian church in my city with a very pleasant service, but it is very large and prints hundreds or thousands of brochures each week for its service, as well as printing flyers for other various events taking place in the church.

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