What is the latest it has snowed anywhere in the lower 48?



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    In Nebraska there was a snowfall in Colorado in Nebraska, October 9th and 10th. In Denver a major league baseball game was canceled. In Nebraska the harvest has been slowed due to moisture levels.

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    The problem is that it’s hard to set a cutoff for what’s a late snow, and what’s a very early snow. In Minnesota, the latest snowfall was June 4th. The earliest was August 31st. If snow fell in July, would it be early or late?

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    It has snowed on me in Montana every week of June (some as deep as 4″), on July 4 (3″), and the last 2 weeks of August (two feet). I’ve seen new snow on the mountains August 6. As redjohn says, which of those is a late and which an early snow?

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