What is the last animal to be considered extinct?



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    As far as I can tell, it’s the Chinese river dolphin which was last seen in 2006. They did a search for it in the Yangze River, but could not find it. Scientists admit they may have missed it during the search, but state that any river dolphins, also known as baiji, that had been in the river have no chance of survival. Only found in the Yangze, the extinction of the baiji is blamed on overfishing, dam-building, environmental degradation, and ship collisions.

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    The Alaotra Grebe was officially declared extinct in 2010. The Alaotra Grebe was a freshwater diving bird that lived in a small section of Madagascar. It was last seen in 1985, and is thought to have gone extinct due to the introduction of non-native carnivorous fish into its habitat and the use of nylon nets by fishermen, which caused the birds to drown.

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