What is the largest wind farm in North America?



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    The largest wind farm in North America is the Altamont Pass wind farm. It is composed of 4,930 wind turbines. This wind farm has a generating capacity of 576 megawatts and produces 125 megawatts on average.

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    The San Diego wind farm developer, Cannon Power Group, is partnering with the Spanish wind turbine builder, Gamesa, to build one of the largest wind farms in North America.  Initial plans say that it will help to power over a quarter of a million households in Mexico and California but that the ultimate capacity of the site will be to produce over 1000 MW of energy and that the farm will eventually cover 140 square miles.  Built in steps though, first stages will power between 70 and 100 MW. 

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    Denali Energy is currently building, what will be, the largest wind farm in the world in Northwestern North Dakota.  The farm will take up a space of 43,000 acres and provide 1,000 megawatts of power to the North Central area of the United States.

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