What is the largest wave of migration currently going on?



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    With fall arriving in the Northern hemisphere, many species are moving sound. Birds, in particular, probably have the largest overall migration at this time of year. The lengths they migrate vary, but many species of bird which breed in temperate areas are heading south to warmer climes to avoid the lean seasons in the north. Around this time of year, large groups of hawks and other birds of prey will be moving south together, and you could look into some local birding organizations to go on a “hawk watch”. Often this involves sitting on top of a mountain and watching as thousands of birds of prey pass by in a single day. I’m not sure on the specific timiming, but I believe Arctic terns are migrating right now — they have the longest migration route of any animal, traveling between the north and south pole on a 12,000 mile trip. Now they’re heading south, and in spring they’ll travel the 12,000 miles all over again to reach the breeding grounds in the north.

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