What is the largest water recycling plant in the world?



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    According to this website:http://www.mrwpca.org/recycling/index.php, the largest water recycling plant is the Monterey Regional Treatment Plant operated by Monterey Regional Water Pollution Control Agency in Monterey, California. It supplies irrigated water to nearly 12,000 acres through 45 miles of pipeline and 22 supplemental wells; it is capable of producing 29.6 million gallons of recycled water per day.

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    According to Reuters, the Orange County Water District has the largest water recycling plant of its kind in the world. I’m unsure if there are other types of water recycling plants, making another one larger, but this is what I found. The water fountains in Disneyland are some of the first to be receiving this “water of the future”.

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    Actually the Sembcorp Changi Water Recycling plant in Singapore will have a capacity of 50 million gallons per day beginning May 3 2010 , making it larger than Monterey. However I don’t think the folks at Changi even claim to have the largest plant in the world.

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