what is the largest underwater cave system in the world?



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    The largest underwater cave system in the world is Ox Bel Ha. The cave system is located near the Mexican state of Quintana Roo and is 111.8 miles long and 110 feet under the water’s surface.

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    Currently, the largest underwater cave system is Sistema Sac Actun, though as more passages are discovered and linked, Sisema Ox Bel Ha may surpass it (again). Sac Actun comes in at approximately 215.246 kilometers, while Ox Bel Ha is approximately 182.153 kilometers. Both caves are located within Quinatana Roo, Mexico, near the city of Tulum, on the Caribbean Sea. The area is saturated with over 806 kilometers of known underwater passages, broken up in places by collapsed areas known as ‘cenotes’. For more information on the caves, see the Quinatana Roo Speleological Survey website.


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