What is the largest type of seal in the ocean?



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    The Elephant seal is the largest type of seal in the ocean. It weighs about the same as a common minivan, and has a nose shaped much like an elephant’s trunk.

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    The Elephant Seal is the world’s largest ‘seal’ species. The two species of Elephant Seal, Northern and Southern both reach the same size. Bull males can reach 16 feet in length and weight up to 6,000 pounds when fully mature. The largest ever recorded measured more than 20 feet long and tipped the scales at 5.5 tons or 11,000 pounds.

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    The largest seal is the elephant seal. An elephant seal can weigh more than 2220 kilograms, which is about the weight of a minivan. The smallest seal is the ringed seal, which only weighs 50 kilograms, about the same as a big dog. Most seals are somewhere in between those extremes. A harbor seal weighs between 70-120 kilograms, about the same as an adult human.

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    To further this line of interest, the Southern Elephant Seal is also the largest carnivore alive today.

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    Southern elephant seals are the larger of the two elephant seal breeds (the northern elephant seal being the other – these are the elephant seals you can sometimes see in California). Just to add to the above information, an average male elephant seal can actually weigh as much as 4,000 kilograms (or 8,800 pounds).

    An elephant seal compared with a 6ft tall man:

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