What is the largest type of orange tree?



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    Whether the tree grows navel, Valenica, or Trovita oranges, there is no discernible difference in its height. A tree that grows any of these types of oranges could grow up to 50 feet high. The largest orange is the navel, though, so the tree that grows these has the most sturdy branches. 

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    mercurycommunication is correct.  Orange trees can grow to be as tall as 50 feet, but it is more common for them to reach a maximum height of 30 feet.  There are many types of orange trees, but it is mainly their fruit that differs – not their height.  When you are deciding on which orange tree you want to grow, you need to consider the climate in which you live, and also, the type of oranges you wish to grow (depending on how condusive your climate is to growing oranges).  Please see the link attached for more information.

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