What is the largest type of Ant in the world?



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    Male driver ants are the largest known ants. They belong to the genus Dorylus and live mostly in central/east Africa.
    They are sometimes called “sausage flies” because their bloated abdomens look like little sausages.

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    The largest ants are male driver ants. Before scientists were able to identify them as ants, this particular species was believed to be another type of insect. Sometimes they are referred to as Siafu ants due to the scent trial they leave from their colony once they are mature enough to leave.

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    The largest ants in the New World are bullet ants. They are about 1 inch in size and live along the Atlantic slope in places like Panama. They are called bullet ants because their bite feels like getting hit by a bullet – it is incredibly painful and causes swelling around along the location and limb that has been bitten. It is not as large as the driver ants in Africa, but still is quite large!

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