What is the largest type of ant in America?



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    I can’t seem to find a consensus among sources, but most cite the carpenter ant as one of the largest ants in the United States. “Black carpenter ants are probably the largest ants most people in North America ever see.” The workers are around 1/2 an inch long, while queens can be up to an inch long. Worldwide, there are around 1500 species of carpenter ants. 50 of them reside in North America.

    Image taken from this page.

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    I would have to agree. After I visited Sequoia National Park in California and seeing these large carpenter ants, I would be surprised to know they get any bigger here in the states. I think one ant could have easily been the size of my finger.

    I know the range in size above by ghuang278 is accurate, however I am sure i’ve seen one larger than 1/2 inch long.

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