What is the largest train in the United States?



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    The Union Pacific Raliroad is the largest train network in the United States.  Based in Nebraska, it operates on 32,012 miles of track. It runs mainly through the Western and Mid-West of the US. 

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    I would like to add to mcoffey‘s answer that Union Pacific is the largest freight company. However, they do not carry passengers. Amtrak is the largest passenger train company, and they use Union Pacific’s network. Amtrak has several commuter trains such as the Sacramento Capitol Corridor which is the one that I ride most often when I go to visit my parents. The commuter trains have a yellow stripe on them which gives them priority over other traffic and they usually run on-time. Other trains that travel longer distances, such as the Coast Starlight, have no yellow stripe and can get delayed because they must yield to Union Pacific trains. I took the Coast Starlight up to Oregon once. It was supposed to be an 11-hour trip, but it took 15 hours. I also took the Coast Starlight south to Santa Barbara once, and that time the train arrived ten minutes early.

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