What is the largest state in America?



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    Alaska is the largest, followed by Texas then California. 

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    Alaska is the largest, with a total area of 656,425 square miles, including bodies of water that are considered parts of the state. Because of the perspective with which many flat maps are drawn, many people don’t realize how large Alaska is. The second largest, Texas, is about a third of the size! After Texase comes California, Montana, and New Mexico. The smallest US state is Rhode Island at 1,545 square miles (unless you count the District of Columbia, which is 68.25 square miles).

    However, if you’re looking for the largest state in all of North America, and not just the US, Nunavut in Canada is 808,185 square miles.

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    Alaska is the largest.  However, the state with the largest population is California.  Though Alaska is large in size its population is actually one of the smallest among the states 

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