What is the largest sporting event in the world?



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    I think that for a sinlge game event the largest wood be the Super Bowl XLV, which had an attendance of 103,219 in 2011, at the Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, TX. For some more stats on other sporting events around the world and their attendances, click here.

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    The Tour de France attracts 12 to 15 million spectators over the course of two weeks.  In 2008, there were 170,000 fans in attendance at the FBR Open Golf Tournament, a part of the PGA Tour, located in Scotsdale, Arizona.  The Indianapolis 500 also attracts a crowd of approximately 400,000 people.

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    While the aforementioned sporting events may have attracted the largest number of spectators at the event in person, the argument could also be made that the World Cup is the world’s largest sporting event. Soccer is the world’s game, and the global viewership is through the roof when you consider how many people from each country are tuned into their nation’s games, not to mention the rest of the tournament. 

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