What is the largest specis of whale?



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    The largest species of whale is the blue whale, reaching around 80 feet in length and weighing in at around 120 tons.  To get an idea of how big a blue whale is, its heart is about the size of a Volkswagen bug.

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    Blue whales are the largest species of whale to exist currently, and the largest creature to have ever existed on Earth! Because of their habitat and elusive nature, whales are actually fairly difficult to study accurately, but the largest whale on record was a blue whale weighing 171,000 kgs. and measuring more than 90 feet in length. On average, the tongue of a blue whale alone weighs as much as an elephant! This enormous animal eats the tiny krill and plankton of the ocean, but consumes as much 8,000 pounds of food a day. Scientists believe the whales are so large simply because their habitat allows it-they have the entire ocean to grow!

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