What is the largest species of Ray?



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    The largest species is the Manta Ray.  The largest ever recorded Manta Ray was 7.6 meters wide (25 ft) from fin tip-to-tip, and weighed 2,300 kg (5100 lbs).  Manta Rays have been recently categorized into two separate species, the Giant Manta which migrates, and the smaller Reef Manta, which stays in and around coral reefs for most of their lives.


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    There are also very large freshwater rays. Check out the story about this guy below. [img_assist|nid=193408|title=ray|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=640|height=459]

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    Giant Manta Rays belong to the family of Devil Rays who are identified by head fins, which when rolled up ‘look like horns’ and when unfurled they act like a funnel for the mouth when feeding on plankton and fish larvae.

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