What is the largest species of owls?



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    On average, the largest species of owl is the Eurasian Eagle Owl.  Generally, Eurasian Eagle Owls are between 23 and 28 inches and weigh up to 9 lbs (females tend to be larger than males).  As their name would suggest, they are distributed widely throughout Eurasia.

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    The largest species is the Great Gray Owl that lives deep in woods of Canada and Alaska as far north as trees grow. Gray owls grow to about 30 inches (76 centimeters) long and have a wingspread of 54 to 60 inches (137 to 152 centimeters). The Blakiston Fish Owl also comes in at 10 lbs. The largest owl fossil ever discovered was Orinmegalonyx oteri from 58 million years ago and stood about three feet tall.

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    Blakiston’s Fish Owl is the largest species of owl.  It is between 24” and 30” tall and can weigh up to 10 lbs.  It looks similar to the Eurasian Eagle but is more pale and has larger ears.  

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