What is the largest species of deer in the world?



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    The largest deer that ever lived was called the Irish Deer. It stood 7 feet at the shoulder and had antlers weighing up to 90 pounds.

    The current largest memeber of the deer family is the moose.  They can be up to 7.5 feet tall at the shoulder and an adult male can weight up to 1400 pounds when full grown.

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    The largest species in the deer family would be the moose. They are distinguished by their very big antlers and very large size. On average an adult moose stands between 6 -7 feet high at the shoulder. Males will usually weight between 850-1580 pounds and females will weigh between 600-800 pounds. The Alaskan subspecies of moose, is the biggest of them all, which can stand over 7 feet at the shoulder and can weight 1,396 pounds for males and 1,052 pounds for females. The largest moose recorded weighed 1,800 pounds and was 92 inches tall. The moose from Alaska are considered one of the largest deer of all time. Their habitat range includes almost all of Canada, most of central and western Alaska, New England and upstate New York. 

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