What is the largest species of cockroach?



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    This could be it, but more studies would probably be required.  It’s four inches long.

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    The largest cockroach is the Macropanesthia Rhinoceros (also called Rhinoceros Cockroaches or Litter Bugs).  They can measure up to 80 millimeters, and can weigh up to 35 grams.  They can also live for up to 10 years.

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    The Giant Burrowing Cockroach is the largest species of cockroach. It is found in Australia. Some people like to keep them as pets. They can get as long as 8 centimeters long and weigh as much as 35 grams. They can live up to 10 years. They do not have wings, and are not considered pests.

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    The biggest species of cockroache is the giant burrowing cockroach (Macropanesthia rhinoceros). It is considered the heaviest cockroach in the world, can weigh up to 35 grams or 1.2 oz, and are even able to live for 10 years. While the longest species is the giant cockroach (Blaberus giganteus) and can be up to 3.5 inches in length, longer than the giant burrowing cockroach.

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