What is the largest source of mercury in our seafood?



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    Typically, fish that are bigger/older have had more time to accumulate mercury in their systems. Shark, swordfish, king mackerel, and tilefish, along with other large fish and shellfish pose the highest risk, and shouldn’t be eaten by pregnant women, women who may become pregnant, nursing mothers, and small children, though it usually won’t hurt the typical healthy human.

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    One of the largest sources of mercury in seafood is tuna fish, which is one of the most popular type of fish that is sold and bought at grocery stores. “In 2003 the California Attorney General’s office filed suit to force supermarkets, restaurants and tuna companies to warn customers that tuna (fresh, frozen and canned), swordfish and shark sold in their markets contain mercury. They further advised that “tuna steaks and canned albacore have higher levels of mercury than canned light.”

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